World Youth Meeting 2019

Theme : A Sense of Inclusiveness


プレゼンタイトル例: Possible Presentation Title

Ø  Power, Sexual, and Academic Harassment.

Ø  Acid Attacks to control women

Ø  The Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020

Ø  A handicap is inconvenient, is not a misfortune, though.Helen Keller

Ø  Should aged people stop learning?

Ø  Are the hard workers, who developed modern society now an obstacle for society?

Ø  America First? Protectionism or Globalism

Ø  Overseas workers raise the crime rate

Ø  Let's welcome the Refugee Olympic Athletes team

Ø  Majorities unconsciously hurt minorities

Ø  Do you know about SDGs? Does it work for our lives?

Ø  Does the economic divide affect the quality of human assets?

Ø  Discuss the meaning of "developing" countries.

Ø  What can create a brilliant future for young people?

Ø  The core of your Identity.

Ø  Competition or Cooperation


W2018theme Well-beingと私たちの未来


1.      Healthy Life --- Mental and physical health

2.      Designing your Life --- A stable income and open opportunities for (higher) education

3.      Meaning of your Life --- Having opportunities for interacting with people and making contribution to communities


WYM2017 My Identity as a member of the International Community


Participating Countries: Now and Past
Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, China, Indonesia,Papua New Guine,Nepal,Sri Lanka, Finland, The USA,Vietnam, Zimbabwe

World Youth Meeting Aug.5 to Aug.6, 2019

  主催 ワールドユース実行委員会、
共催 日本福祉大学国際福祉開発学部     立命館大学

後援 (予定)  愛知県 愛知県教育委員会、三重県教育委員会、 岐阜県教育委員会
日本教育情報化振興会 JAPET &CEC  



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