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An Amazing Success'(2015): Collaborative Presentations (Video Clips) English Presentations NEW!!!
@@What's ƒ[ƒ‹ƒhƒ†[ƒXWYM at a Glance
@@@@@@@@@International Collaborative Project designed by NFU students : Online Preparatory Stage, Outcome ,Collaborative Presentations.

Crtiteria to students performance (WYM Committee)

Aug.7 to Aug.8, 2015
Photos NEW!
Amazing Success :
Outcomes in 2013

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Theme:Building Bridges over the Sea of Diversity

Digest of WYM2014

Digest of WYM2013

Nihon Fukushi University Tokai Campus Map@(Aichi,Japan)

Participating Countries: Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Korea, Indonesia, India.

Report of 2011

@@For Effective Presentation

ŽåÃ ƒ[ƒ‹ƒhƒ†[ƒXŽÀsˆÏˆõ‰ïA“ú–{•ŸŽƒ‘åŠw‘Û•ŸŽƒŠJ”­Šw•”


@ˆ¤’mŒ§,@”ü•l’¬Aˆ¤’mŒ§‹³ˆçˆÏˆõ‰ï,ŽOdŒ§‹³ˆçˆÏˆõ‰ï, Šò•ŒŒ§‹³ˆçˆÏˆõ‰ï, ‘ä˜p‚—YŽs­•{‹³ˆç‹ÇAŒö‰và’c–@l–¼ŒÃ‰®‘ÛƒZƒ“ƒ^[
ˆê”ÊŽÐ’c–@l“ú–{‹³ˆçî•ñ‰»U‹»‰ïiJAPET&CEC),NEW Educational EXPOŽÀsˆÏˆõ‰ï





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