Theme: 21st Century Skills 
- How we can use of Social Connectibility-
From the day the quake and tsunami hit the Tohoku region, relief goods, financial assistance 
and volunteers have been arriving 
from all over Japan and the world and pushing the region towards recovery.
This is largely due to the wide use of the Internet where people all over 
were able to not only receive information but also be concerned and take action 
even if they were far away from the affected area.
The quick and wide response to the natural disaster in the Tohoku is evidence of how well 
we are using technology, especially ICT.
On the other hand our technological society is also facing problems 
which have been caused by lack of communication as well.
Through the WYM we would like to think about what skills and mind frame is needed 
to make best use of this 21st century ICT. What skills should be developed 
so that we can be better connected and supportive with people who are close and far.
We hope that the World Youth Meeting 2011 will be a good opportunity 
for all the participants to think about and discuss these skill needed in the 21st century.

Possible presentation titles are

1.	How to enhance communication abilities in English
2.	How to strengthen international partnerships.
3.	How to promote international exchange programs with schools in foreign countries
4.	International conflict and cooperation
5.	What is communication?
6.	Showing invisible love with visible action.


7.	Supporting each other.
8.	What we can do?
9.	What kind of support is needed.
10.	Conflict resolution methods.
11.	Why conflict occurs.
12.	Ways to support.
13.	How to learn English that is useful.