\@Program@Day 1@@Tuesday, 6@Aug@2009@\


13F00@yIce-Breakingz@@    Ougimachi-Sougou High School

13F10@yOpening Actz@@@   Fukui Commercial High School

13F15@yWelcome-Messagez @ Chairperson WYM Student Steering Committee

13F23@yPresentation 1z@@@House of Joy collaboration support project

@@@@@@@@@@       @Nihon Fukushi University

13F33@yPresentation 2z@@  Yokkaichi Nishi High School

13F39@yPresentation 3z@@@Fukui Commercial High School Group-A

13F47@yPresentation 4z@@@Nihon Fukushi University

                    @@@@@@Universiti Sains Malaysia

14F00@yPresentation 5z@@@Nihon Fukushi University Group

14F07@yPresentation 6z@@@Osaka Yuhigaokagakuen High School

14F14@yPresentation 7z@@@Nanzan Kokusai High School


14F21                      \\Intermission\\


14F30@yPresentation 8z@@@Fukui Commercial High School Group-B

14F37@yPresentation 9z@@@

14F45@yPresentation 10z@@ Nihon Fukushi University

                                University of the Philippines

15F00@yKeynote Addressz@  Professor  Gary Kirkpatrick

15F20@yIntroduction of Participating Countriesz


15F50@                    \\Intermission\\


16F00   yWork-Shopz@@  @@WYM Student Steering Committee Work-shop Group

16F55@yReconfirm the Schedulez

17F05@yEnding of Hall eventz








\@Program Day 2  Morning Session  Fri. 7 Aug @\


9F20@ yOpening Attractionz Opening Ceremony

9F50@ yOpening Remarksz  Chairperson WYM Student Steering Committee

9F55@ yOpening Addressz

                    The President of Nihon Fukushi University  Professor Kato

10F00   yGreeting1z

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology                                                                                                                                

10F05   yGreeting2z                                                          

Taiwan BOE in Kaohsiung

10F10  yGreeting3z

Chairman of New Educational Expo Steering Committee

                    The Vice Chairman of Japan Association for

                    Promotion of Educational Technology           Mr. Okubo

10F15  yIntroduction of participating High school and Universityz


10F30  ySESSION1z  

Nihon Fukushi University

                 Institute of Technology of Cambodia

@@@@@@@@@Royal@University of Phnom Penh

10F45  ySESSION2z 

Waseda Honjo Senior High School

                 SMA Ngeri 2 Jogjakarta, Indonesia

11F00  ySESSION3z 

NFU Affiliated High School

                 Ehwa womans University High School

11F15  ySESSION4z 

                    Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High SchoolA

@@@@@@@@Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High School A

@@@@@@@@Kaohsiung Municipal Girls' Senior High School

11F30  yExplanation about Lunchz   WYM Student Steering Committee

11F40                    Move to the School Cafeteria

@@@@                        \\ Lunch \\@@ 


\@Program  Day 2@Afternoon@Friday 7 Aug 2009@\



12F45@ySESSION 5z

 Wakasa High School

University of the Taiwan

13F00@ySESSION 6z

Tokyo International University

                 University of the Taiwan

13F15@ySESSION 7z

Nihon Fukushi University

                    University of the Philippines

13F30@ySESSION 8z

Kansai University

                    National Sun Yat-sen University

13F45@ySESSION 9z

 Ougimachi-Sougou High School,

Saint Paul High School

@                    Chung-Cheng Armed Forces Preparatory School


14F00@ySESSION 10z

Fukui Commercial High School

@@@@@@@@@@Kaohsiung Vocational High School of CommerceA


Commemorative Photograph


14F40@yComments from Professors on PresentationszProfessor  Ogura (NFU)

14F50@yCeremony of Awarding and Honorz

@@@@@@@ConferrerFI-SHOU University   @ Professor Daniel CHANG

          Tokyo International University@@@Association Professor Igarashi@

15F15@yHost Institution Remarksz@

                    Nihon Fukushi University    Professor Chikami

15F20@yReflection VideozChukyo University

15F30@yClosing Remarksz