Message from the WYM Steering Committee:

The theme of this year's WYM is "Sustainable International Cooperation". The key word is "sustainable". We must think, how we, as students, can be involved in this changing world through the fields of welfare, international cooperation, human development and education in a sustainable manner.

  As students, many of us have already taken action toward making this world a better place through doing volunteer work, taking part in international interactions, and relaying messages at events such as this World Youth Meeting.

   However, it is found that we often do not give enough thought to our actions from the long-term perspective. How can we make the effects of our good intentions and actions continue past our own limited actions? What kind of support is best for the people in need in the long-run? How can we collaborate to work as a larger group? What is needed to get more people continuously involved in our efforts? These are questions that we pose for you when preparing for your presentations. We look forward to your insightful presentations and to seeing you all here at the World Youth Meeting 2008.


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