Word Youth Meeting
How to Proceed

The projects operate according to the following basic process.

Before the Event:

Exchange through the Internet and multimedia
We distribute questionnaires and other similar materials for the WYM in line with the theme for that year to the participating students, and then the students share these materials with one another. In addition, they exchange photos of themselves and five or six line paragraph introductions through email to get to know each other better.

Direct Exchange

Exchange through the Internet allows students to feel closer to other participants. For example, they exchange information through media such as emails, pictures posted on the Web, and even videos giving their self introductions. After coming to Japan for the WYM, they give presentations together with the Japanese students. One result created from the cooperation in the WYM can be seen in the joint presentations for the theme. To prepare for the presentation, the students may make use of a system with sample English sentences.

More Meaningful Exchange Using the Internet

After the event is over, participants share their presentations with others. NFU puts pictures or their PowerPoint presentations on the Web so that teachers in countries around the world can use the English presentations in English or other classes.