Towards Emerging English Communication
with ICT and Technology for the Future.



We cordially invite you to participate in World Youth Meeting 2007 international Conference.

This conference was designed to provide academic discussions of Communication through ICT and English for our future Learning environments.
we have begun a dialogue on how to collaborate among Participants from different countries in the rapid changing with emerging technology and perspectives on International Exchange Project and learning.

This conference will be a starting point to find out the new way to study global issue by ICT and English.
We could gather useful insights about how to cooperate each other in daily English lessons and daily life.
we might work together to improve learning environment towards emerging Communication with language and technology.

we look forward to seeing you all in Nagoya, Japan on 2nd and 3rd of August.

May , 2007
Makoto Kageto
The World Youth Meeting Steering Committee.

Ryotaro Morita
The student Steering Committee