Wed, 2 Aug 2006
13:00 yOpening Actz Ougimachi Integrated High School@(Osaka)
13:05 yIce-Breakingz Ougimachi Integrated High School (Osaka)
13:18 yToday's Orientationz WYM Steering Committee

yPresentation 1z
yPresentation 2z
yPresentation 3z
yPresentation 4z
yPresentation 5z
--- Intermission --
yPresentation 6z

Nanzan International High School (Aichi)
Yokkaichi-Nishi High School (Mie)
Nihon Fukushi University (Host university)
Ougimachi Integrated High School (Osaka)
Fukui Commercial High School Group-A (Fukui)

Fukui Commercial High School Group-B (Fukui)
yintroduction of Participating Countriesz Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippine, Taiwan, Korea,
15:30 Orientation for Workshop
Nihon Fukushi University Students Steering Committee.
Creating products concerned with WYM
Let's make a wonderful Souvenir with your friends.
16:30 yIntroducing Productsz  
16:45 yReconfirm the schedulez  
16:50 yWrap up Sessionz  
17:00 yEnding of Hall eventz