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Youth Recognition Degree towards Partner Country 
date : July 1, 2000 
Korean students towards Japan 
> 1) Do you know the capital of your partner country. 
> a) Yes - 95.7%) b) No - 4.3% 
> 2) Do you know the name of the President or Prime Minister of your partners' country? 
> a) Yes 37.2% b) No - 63.8% 
> 3) How many artists ( painters, musicians, writers ) do you know from your partner country? 
a) I don't know - 55% 
b) I know 45 % ( Amuro Namie, X-Japan, Murakami Haruki, Inoue, Watase Uwu, Suzuki Kochi, Yoshimoto Banana, Utada Hikaru, Gray, Watanabae Junichi, Natzme Soseki) 
* The above spellings are not exact owing to language differences. 
> 4) How many important persons in the history of your partner country do you know? 
a) I don't know - 17% 
b) I know 83% (Ito Hirobumi, Shotoku Taeja, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Obuchi Keicho ) 
* The above spellings are not exact owing to language differences. 
> 5) How many cities of your partner country do you know? 
a) I don't know - 15% 
b) I know - 85% (Tokyo, Satboru, Hiroshima(because of world war II), Shinchuku, Hukuoka, Kobe, Hutkaito, Kyoto, Okinawa) 
* The above spellings are not exact owing to language differences. 
> 6) What is the characteristics of your partner country? 
a) hardworking yes - 47% b) friendly yes -2% 
c) shy yes - 4% d) creative no - 26% 
e) cheerful yes - 21% 
> 7) Which do you hope for with your partner country? 
a) Closer tie - 81% b) Others - 19% 
> 8) What do you think your partner country should preserve? 
a) culture - 17% b) tradition - 8% 
c) historical building, places - 12% 
d) characteristics of people - 26% 
e) food - 23% f) cars - 2% 
g) traditional clothes - 12% 
> 9) What have you study about your partner country from textbook at school?(answers are overlapped) 
a) names of people - 19% b) places - 47% 
c) events in history - 85% d) belief - 18% 
e) others (Japanese language, Majiyushin, Aska culture, Aggression to Korea, Yamato Politics, Frugality) 
* The above spellings are not exact owing to language differences. 
> 10) Tell me about your own country 
> (1) What are you proud of your country? 
Korean unique culture, long history, cheerfullness, sincerity, spirit of independence 
for country. Kimchi, Korean beautiful women, defiance and endurance, Korean traditional costumes, beautiful natural sightseeing, etiquette, honesty, national characteristics for patriotism, unique original history, four distinct seasons, national solidarity, President Mr. Kim Dae-jung who performed historical South-North Summit Meeting for Korean unification, motion picture named "Shwiri", diligent people. sound consciousness of citizen 
> (2) Characteristics of your people? 
a) stubborn -32% b) economical - 28% 
c) work-crazy -11% d) others - 29% 
> (3) What kind of industry? Main products? 
electronic products, automobiles, semi-conductor, Kimchi, computer, Korean ginseng, rice, Kayakum(Korean traditional musical instrument), Komunko(Korean traditional musical instrument), Hanbok(Korean traditional dress), Pulkoki(beef roasted on charcoal fire), Pibimpab(mixed rice with fresh 
vegetables, sesame oil, kocujan, etc.), shipbuilding (4) Famous people: 
Yi Sun-shin, Kim Yu-shin, King Sejong, President Kim Dae-jung, Ahn Joong-geun, Kim Gu, Yu Kwan-soon, Yun Bong-gil, Ahn Chang-ho, Heo Jun, Wang-gun, Shin Saimdang, Nongae, Chong Ju-young, Park Chan-ho, Yi Kon-hee, > 
(5) popular places for tourists: 
Chejudo(island), Solaksan(Mt.), Naejangsan(Mt.) Kyongbokkung, Changkyungkung, Namdaemun, Tongdaemun, Kyongju,, Seoul, Pusan, Chokcho, Myungdong, Insadong(famous for antique objects), Onyangonchon(hot spring), 
> (6) National Heritage: 
Namdaemun(National Treasure No.1), Tongdaemun(Treasure No.1), Hangul(Korean language), Sokkullam, Pulkuksa(temple), Chonmachong(tomb), Tabotap(tower), Sokkatap(tower), Chongja(chinaware), Paekja(chinaware) 

About Internet 
> 1) Do you think international exchanges using the internet will be more popular and promoted? 
a) Yes - 98% b) No - 2% 
> 2) Do you think internet will make it possible to do international studies at school ? 
a) Yes - 87% b) No. - 3% 
> 3) How many for your friends use internet at home? 
a) about 30% 
> 4) In what classes do you use internet? 
Computer Practice, Information & Communication Practice, Introduction to Information & Communication, Japanese Language, Business English, English, Ethics. Fine Arts, 





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