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 World Youth Meeting 2000 in Nagoya


"World Youth Meeting" Information


About 400 Participants from about seven countries including Africa, Germany, Taiwan, and Korea.
Real time internet communication session will be held(NetMeeting, CUseeme)

World Youth Meeting in Nagoya 2000


1. Our Purpose
     The development of the internet and other new media these days are probably changing overseas interactions in schools, organizations or individual bases. We hold "World Youth Meeting" in order to introduce to people the new ways of overseas interactions, and to give opportunities to the youth to meet the youth from all over the world, and exchange information, and be friends to each other.
     In Japan, information technology education will begin at school in 2001. A new subject called "Joho(information)" will be introduced at high schools, and will be required. This change shows the government's big concern for the new information technology age.
     Another new subject called "Sougotekina Gakushuu no Jikan(the classes for integrated studies)" is also introduced to primary, junior, senior high schools for the students' spontaneous activities.
     More and more teachers around the world use the internet for their education, and collaborative classes or activities are becoming more popular.
     We believe that these backgrounds make "World Youth Meeting" more important.

2 Name of the event
 World Youth Meeting in Nagoya 2000

3 Organizer
World Youth Meeting Steering Committee

4       Co-organizers 
            Center of Educational Computing

11 The expected number of the participants  400

12 Procedures
The students from Japan are grouped with those from Germany, the United States, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinee, Nepal, Taiwan, and Korea.
Each group will communicate on the theme, "From Misunderstanding to Understanding" by e-mail and webpages with simple English and photos.
The students tell their partners the image of the partners' country they have, and show the changes of the image after the communication through the internet.
          Each group will give a presentation on their interaction on July 23rd Meeting at Nagoya International Center.

13 The Schedule

World Youth Meeting in Nagoya

July 22nd 10:00am
     The participating students gather at Nagoya International Center.
     Workshop by "Child Research Net" with the support
by Pr. Miyata and his students from Chukyo Univ.

July 23rd
     Dance Performance by Seiryo Commercial High Dance Club
     Keynote Speech "Crosscultural Use of Internet"
            Prof. Kunio Goto  Nanzan Univ.
Prof. Masaya Nakayama
Steering Committee Chairperson Tazuko Kondo

US-Seiryo Commercial group
Korea-Yokkaichi Nishi group
Germany-Midori&Kawagoe group
Taiwan-Fukui Commercial group
Taiwan-Yume group
Taiwan-Nanzan International group

15  Webpage
16  Online application

Related URLs
Child Research Net  http://www.crn.or.jp
Center for Educational Computing http://www.cec.or.jp
Nagoya international center http://www.nic-nagoya.or.jp/

Asian pacific Networking Group http://www.apng.org




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