Tezukayama Summer Course 1999 

International IT Conference for high school students

  1. IT students (college female students as well as high school girls) wanted for Tezukayama summer camp
  2. activities on two-night IT course at a hotel
  3. activities at school for three days
  4. monetary support given to those participating in the camp.
  5. location of school
  6. facilities at Tezukayama
  7. international high school student conference

  8. & program
  9. target countries to participate in the conference
  10. contact person
The following is just a blue plan or more precisely my personal idea. Please make sure that the plan be subject to change or even to be cancelled. The idea of the international conference for high school students, however, has been frequently taken up at the meetings of CEC's Internationalization Working Group and I would like to make every effort to realize the plan with your cooperation.

Please contact me if you are interested.
As for the summer camp of Tezukayamagakuin Izumigaoka High School, we will reach a decision how and where to do, most probably by January or Feburary this year. Please let me know whether you could find those students who should be able to come to Japan and also be eligible for the task.

Tezukayama Intensive Skit/Presentation Course and International High School Students' IT Conference

Tezukayama's two-night workshop at a hotel and three-day workshop at school.
Tezukayama has held three-night workshops every summer at YMCA Hotel at Mt.Rokko for the past 15 years. Students of an international school in Kobe were invited as English instructors and a couple of students from Hawaii worked as such for the last two years in cooperation with the Department of Education, Hawaii.
This year, we will cancel YMCA at Mt.Rokko and will use a hotel near our school.

1. At Regal Royal Hotel in Sakai City

phone: +81-722-24-1121
one minute walk from Nankai Sakai Station.
30 minutes from Kansai
Airport by Nankai Railwway: very nice hotel)
  1. What do we do at the hotel?

  2. skit practice: topics of the skits will be;
    environment, sports, peace, women's issue, current issue.
  3. How many students in a group?

  4. 6 of Tezukayama students and one native English speaker (female high school student)
  5. When is the workshop held?

  6. from the morning of July 21 to the noon of July 23.
  7. How do we decide the skit for each group?

  8. each group will decide on the skit in cooperation with each native English speaker to be invited.
    E-mail will be used for the contact.
  9. When do we start to prepare for the workshop?

  10. from March 20.
    Tezukayama students will have an intensive IT course for a week toward the end of March this year, just before they enter our school.
    (kind of pre-registration workshop)
  11. How will we select 15 native English speakers?

  12. All we can pay for each overseas student is 70,000 Japanese Yen for her flight and 20,000 Yen for their two-night hotel at the workshop.
    (Food is covered with 20,000 Yen. Required to share the room with Tezukayama students)
    note: 70,000 yen will be $583 US (at the rate of $1=120Yen) Please let me know whether you could find students and how many.
  13. Anything special besides skit practice?

  14. Two afternoons will be given for city tour, divided into each group.
    The skit contest will be held on the morning of Saturday, July 24 at our school.
    D.O.E. of Hawaii will be contacted to plan an ISDN TV conference for the contest.
  15. How will the overseas students be hosted besides the two-night stay at the hotel?

  16. Our students' family will host them.
  17. Qualification of the overseas students

  18. Girl students, VERY good at IT (Information Technology) and sociable.
    A couple of college female students might be accepted.
  19. Target countries for overseas students

  20. USA, Australia, Canada, Britain.

2. At Tezukayama Izumigaoka High School

phone:+81-722-93-1221, fax:+81-722-92-2134
(to Izumigaoka Station, 60 minutes from Kansai Airport by limousine bus. 10 minutes from Izumigaoka Station by bus.)
  1. What do we do at school?

  2. Preparation for presentation and web page production.
    Topic will be the same as the skit selected for each group.
  3. How many students in a group?

  4. 6 of Tezukayama students and one native English speaker (female high school student) Each group is required to make a homepage.
    For presentation of each group, Power Point will be used.
  5. When is the workshop held?

  6. on the mornings of July 26 and July 27.
  7. Anything special besides web production and Power Point presentation?

  8. Department of School Education of Victoria Province of Australia will be contacted to hold a TV conference on July 27. (11:30-12:30 Japan Standard Time)
  9. How long can they stay in Japan? As long as they want on condition that their host families will agree with the period of their stay.
  10. Location

  11. Our school has good access to Kobe, international city, Kyoto, ancient capital, and Osaka, so called merchant city.
    When you purchase a JR coupon before you leave your country, you can travel freely by Shinkan-sen bullet train.
    To Hiroshima, two and a half hours from our school.
    To Nagoya, located in between Osaka and Tokyo, two and a half hours.
    To Tokyo, four and a half hours.
Facilities at Tezukayama 50 Windows 95, pentium 200, all connected to the Internet.
2 Macintosh, 7300, connected to the Internet.
ISDN phone line. (two channels or 128kbps)

3. International High School Students Conference

This will be sponsored by Osaka Association of Private School Teachers, Toshihiko Kinoshita, President, also Principal of Tezukayama.
CEC, Center for Educational Computing and Panasonic Audio Visual Research Center will be contacted to sponsor the conference.
Fujitsu Company may be contacted to offer their hotel accomodation with 5,000 yen per night (single). It is very close to Osaka Shin-ai Girls Academy. contact: Yoichi Tsuji ***********************************************************
principal, ICP School
Tezukayama Online Project
Kokusaika Nikki, journal of a school teacher (in Japanese)