The World Youth Conference in 99'
(Nagoya International Center event)
Schoolnews form all over the world

 We will invite the young people from all over the world who have been
in touch with us on the net.(we could support partly about their air-tickets)
Conference to be held at the International Center: meeting with local students and teachers,
and foreign students living in Nagoya for panel discussion.

Our image of Japan The Japan as I see on the textbook, school life and so on
participating countries
Italy, Germany, Austuralia, Taiwan, Korea and so on
International Exchange beforehand
We will proceed exchanges making best use of internet facility

  Views of the world
To promote international exchange by web magagine including
Visual information as digital images sent from all over the world with brief comments in English

 To proceed exchanges on the mailing list and relate the exchanges to the activities in regular classes
of international exchange and general studies.